Word of the Week updates.

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Hmm, been a while since last update due to me incorrectly thinking that wordpress was running slowing than a dog with two legs, one of which was broken. But no, that is apparently not the case. The fault it seems is all mine in that I was trying to upload from a browser that now seems out of date, yet which worked perfectly well a month ago. So I’m uploading from another machine.

Here are the images from the following words.



That is all.


Balance – Ta dah!

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Balance – Ta dah!

Entry for this weeks word of the week, The word being BALANCE. Had a number of ideas, one of which I intend to pursue but due t time constraints went with the one below, which as it happens is a similar idea to the one done by Shane Horror (also to be found on the ART-OF-WOW website.) Great minds eh?

Word of the Week – DECEMBER. Yes. Really.

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Word of the week this week was DECEMBER. This has got nothing to do with the image I’ve done, apart from starting from the theme of it being a bit snowy and a bit pagan-y. Soon managed to kick all semblance of snow into touch though.
And the pagan bit started to fade away too.

Have included a initial sketch along with the “final image”.

Right, where’s that drawing board…




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Word of the week entry for SHADOW. Really should have another look at it, but I just wanted to post up something again.


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Word of the week – ELF

What? Hang on No posts at all in 2013? Bloody flippin hell. Anyway W-o-W has started again. Here’s mine for ELF. Did some research (must have been oooh at least two pages of images on Google) and it seems elves go in for this kind of attire. Fairy muff.

Original sketch

Elf sketch

Elf sketch

W.o.W – some updates.

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Been finding it a bit of a struggle of late drawing and colouring in. So here’s a few of the more recent word of the week entries that haven’t gone beyond the pencil sketch, kinda.

Careful with that axe…..

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Often I write on the blog about ideas for word of the week that don’t get beyond

1 – My brain

2- the pencil sketch.


Well, this one did. So there. ‘Ave it.


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